NEWLY UPDATED: Report on Sub-Meter Indoor Location Solutions

The latest indoor positioning technologies that achieve accuracy of better than one meter, both hardware and software based.

Sub-meter accuracy indoor location


Comprehensive Report on Indoor Location Technologies

Our flagship report analyzes indoor location positioning technologies from over 150 companies, from multinationals to start-ups.

Comprehensive report on indoor location technologies


Report on Chip-Based Indoor Location Technologies

This recent report analyzes indoor location technologies in chip form, to be embedded in Internet of Things & wearable devices or next-generation smartphones & tablets.


Report on Self-Learning SLAM Technologies

SLAM algorithms automatically learn indoor location positioning in new sites. This can enable universal location positioning, or more modestly enable fast setup in new sites.


We Bring You The Technologies

Many analyst companies tell you about market shares, projections and feedback. Only Grizzly Analytics focuses on explaining and differentiating technologies, including technologies still in research & development.

Our key focus areas include indoor location technologies, Internet of Things, Smart Homes and Smart Cities, and other innovations related to mobile. In these and other areas, we explain all the technologies, and analyze the differentiation and significance of each.

We reported R&D in location-based reminders months before Apple announced them in iOS. We reported indoor location applications before Google added indoor positioning to Google Maps, and indoor location chips before CSR and Qualcomm announced them.

Grizzly Analytics also offers a wide variety of consulting services, as detailed below. Contact us now to explore how you can put our expertise to work for you.

Our reports and services are purchased by multinational technology & mobile companies, research & development centers, investment & analyst firms, and technology start-ups worldwide. Don't be left behind ~ check out our reports, services, articles and videos now!


Service: Expert Validation of Technology Differentiation

Need to convince potential customers or investors that your technology is unique? We can write a White Paper or other material that makes it clear, backed by our expertise and reputation.

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Having a Hard Time Conveying Your Technology Differentiation?

Grizzly Analytics can work with your PR firm and produce articles and White Papers, released in your name, that explain your technology and its significance better than a freelance writer ever will.

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Service: Strategic Analysis of Competitors and Markets

Bringing a new technology to market? Use Grizzly Analytics expertise to contrast your technology to other solutions, and find the market direction and strategy that leverage your differentiation.

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Participate in our Indoor Location Technology Testbed

In May, 2016, in Europe, Grizzly Analytics is organizing a testbed to compare indoor location positioning technologies. Show off your solution and how it compares with others in a wide range of metrics, including accuracy, infrastructure, setup time, and more.

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