Indoor Location Services
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Indoor Location Services:
What Retail Managers,
CTOs and Site Owners
Need to Know and Do NOW

Mobile indoor location services are reaching market, both in cellphone systems from Google and Microsoft and in custom apps for malls, airports, stores, and other sites, and will spread before the end of 2012. Whoever doesn’t prepare now for this new technology will soon find that their competitors have.

Already NOW you can give your customers or employees a mobile application with location services in your site, based on platforms recently launched by several companies world-wide. This new report from Grizzly Analytics explains indoor location technologies, analyzes the solutions already available, advises which are appropriate for different needs, and guides you through what you can do NOW. The report also suggests a variety of indoor location services that you can offer your customers or employees.

Grizzly Analytics also answers other questions you have about this new technology area. Which mobile companies are likely to bring indoor location to market first? Which chip companies are working on adding this new feature to their lineup? Which start-ups are likely to be acquired, and by who?

Published: February 15, 2012
Price: $800
Pages: 91


Executive Summary
What to do NOW
For Retail Sites
For Enterprise (Office) Sites
What to Expect Soon
Grizzly Analytics Industry Predictions
Table of Contents
The Need for Indoor Location Positioning
  Indoor Positioning
  Indoor Navigation
  Indoor Location Sharing
  Indoor Location-Based Promotions
  Indoor Location-Based Reminders
  Workforce Management and Asset Tracking
Overview of Methods of Indoor Positioning
  Overview of Approaches to Indoor Positioning
  Location Positioning by Wi-Fi or Other Radio Signals
  Radio Signal Method #1: Triangulation
  Radio Signal Method #2: Fingerprinting
  Tracking Location by Sensors Detecting Movements
  Indoor Positioning by Dedicated Beacons
  Which Approaches will Succeed?
  Combining Methods
Mass Market Indoor Location Systems
  Mobile Maps Moving Indoors
  Google Maps
  Microsoft’s Bing Maps
Cellphone-Based Solutions Available Now
  Five Solutions Available Now (12 pages)
Industrial Solutions Available Now
  Four Industrial Solutions Available Now (6 pages)
Solutions for Telecom Operators
  Two Solutions for Telecom Operators
Other Technology Providers
  Sixteen Tech Companies and Research Projects (17 pages)
Indoor Map Providers
  Six Indoor Map Providers
Overview of R&D at Major Mobile Companies
  ESummary of Major Company Research Areas
  Motorola’s Early Research in Indoor Positioning
  Google Activity in Indoor Location Positioning
  Indoor Positioning Research at Microsoft
  Qualcomm’s Work on Indoor Positioning and Services
  Nokia’s Long History of Research in Indoor Positioning
  Samsung Research in Indoor Positioning
  Cisco Research & Service Offerings
  Apple Research in Indoor Positioning
  RIM Research in Indoor Positioning
  Sony Ericsson Research on Indoor Positioning
  Development by Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR)
  Research by BMW for Cars in Parking Lots