Indoor Location Positioning:
Research Pipelines, Start-ups
and Predictions
Updated May 14, 2012

In December, 2011, Grizzly Analytics released our first comprehensive report on indoor location positining technology, predicting that indoor location services were ready to revolutionize the mobile market. The five months that followed have shown how true this was, with new initiatives announced on a regular basis and numerous demonstrations at industry conferences.

In this fully revised and updated 163-page report, Grizzly Analytics gives an up-to-date analysis and comprehensive overview of indoor location positioning R&D. Read about the research activity of all the major mobile companies – Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, Nokia, RIM, Cisco, Qualcomm, Broadcom, STMicroElectronics, Sony Ericsson & others – and also more than thirty start-up companies that are actively bringing indoor location services to market.

These technologies are poised to revolutionize smartphone usage by enabling GPS-style mapping, navigation, local search, check-ins, location-sharing and other location-based services to work indoors in malls, megastores, offices, airports, casinos and other big indoor places. Indoor location will also transform commerce, enabling searching for items on store shelves, sending deals & promotions to nearby customers, advertisements for nearby stores in malls, and more. Location services are also entering the enterprise, with indoor asset tracking, employee search, and more.

In this updated technology trend report, Indoor Location Positioning: Research Pipelines, Start-ups and Predictions, Grizzly Analytics answers the questions you have about this new technology. What approaches are being researched by different companies? Which companies have mature research? What are the gaps in each company’s research that they are likely to fill by acquiring start-up companies? Which start-up companies are likely to be acquired or to emerge successful in the market? What areas of technology are not yet addressed by start-ups, and remain open to new entrepreneurs and investors?

Published: May 14, 2012
Price: $800
Pages: 163


Executive Summary
Comments on the May 2012 Revision
Summary of Major Company Research Areas
Summary of Start-up Companies
Grizzly Analytics Predictions for Indoor Positioning
Broader Commerce Implications of Indoor Positioning
Financial Market Implications
Table of Contents
The Push for Indoor Location Positioning
  Indoor Positioning
  Indoor Navigation
  Indoor Location Sharing
  Indoor Location-Based Promotions
  Indoor Location-Based Reminders
  Workforce Management and Asset Tracking
Overview of Methods of Indoor Positioning
  Overview of Approaches to Indoor Positioning
  Location Positioning by Wi-Fi or Other Radio Signals
  Radio Signal Method #1: Triangulation
  Radio Signal Method #2: Fingerprinting
  Tracking Location by Sensors Detecting Movements
  Indoor Positioning by Dedicated Beacons
  Which Approaches will Succeed?
  Combining Methods
Early Research by Motorola
  Motorola’s Early Research in Indoor Positioning
  Bluetooth-Based Indoor Positioning
  Using Wi-Fi Signals and other Mobile Device Signals
  Inertial Navigation
  Other Motorola Research
Research and Systems by Google
  Google Activity in Indoor Location Positioning
  Google Enabling Site Owners to Refine Location Positioning
  Google Location Services Moving Indoors
  Google Research in Indoor Positioning
  Google Funding Academic Research in Indoor Positioning
  Collecting Wi-Fi Locations and Using Them for Positioning
  Refining Location Positions by User Profiles
Research by Microsoft
  The Cricket Project
  The Radar Project
  Core Location Service Team
  Using Wireless Access Point Location Tables
  Tracking Movement Away from Known Locations
  Using Other Radio Signals to Determine Location
  Using Radio Beacons in a Building to Determine Location
Qualcomm Research in Indoor Positioning and Location Services
  Qualcomm’s Work on Indoor Positioning and Services
  Qualcomm’s View of Indoor Positioning
  Qualcomm Research in Wi-Fi Based Positioning
  Trajectory-Based Location Positioning
  Positioning in an Area with Walls and Furniture
  Research by Qualcomm: Indoor Navigation Services
  Research by Qualcomm: Indoor Location Services
Research and Demonstrations by Nokia
  Nokia’s Long History of Research in Indoor Positioning
  Indoor Location Positioning Demo by Nokia
  Nokia’s Use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  Nokia Vision of Indoor Positioning
  Nokia Research: Details from a 2009 Research Presentation
  Nokia’s Patents on Indoor Positioning
  Nokia’s Past Demos and Videos on Indoor Positioning
  Nokia’s Ongoing Research
  Nokia’s Productization Plans
  Other Nokia Research on Indoor Location
Samsung Research in Indoor Positioning
  Samsung Research in Indoor Positioning
  Tracking Motion from Initial Known Locations (Doors)
  Calibrating Motion Sensing for Indoor Positioning
  Beacons Transmitting Locations
  Combining Beacons and Movement Sensors
  Positioning by Communicating with Nearby Devices
  Location Positioning from Light Transmissions
Apple Research in Indoor Positioning
  Early Pre-Cellphone Patent for Beacon-Based Positioning
  Apple Research & Activity in Wi-Fi Network Location Logging
  Apple Research in Indoor Positioning by Radio Reception
Cisco Research & Solutions in Indoor Location Positioning
  Cisco R&D in Indoor Location Positioning
  Network-Level Location Positioning
  Navigation to Local Locations
  Locations of Rogue Devices or Access Points
  Location-Based Permissions
RIM Research in Indoor Location Positioning
  Probabilistically Tracking Movement by Wi-Fi Signals
  Logging Network Locations for Use in Indoor Positioning
  Determining Location in Stages
  Reminders Based on Location Derived from Cell Tower Overlap
  Controlling Device Features Based on Indoor Location
Sony Ericsson Research in Indoor Positioning
  Sony Ericsson Research on Indoor Positioning
  Retransmitting GPS Signals Indoors
  Wireless Devices in Rooms in a Home
  Access Points to Transmit Details of Beacons
  Determining Position by Modulated Light
Chip and Hardware Companies Research in Indoor Positioning
  Chip Companies and Indoor Location Positioning
  Development by Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR)
  Indoor Location Positioning by STMicroElectronics
  Indoor Location Positioning Support by Broadcom
  Indoor Location Technology by InvenSense
Other Major Companies Research in Indoor Positioning
  TeleCommunication Systems (USA)
  TruePosition (USA)
  Fraunhofer (Germany)
  Research by Palm (now HP’s WebOS)
  CRS4 Research Center (Italy)
  Research by Polaris and NTT DoCoMo
  Research by BMW for Cars in Parking Lots
  Research by Other Companies
Start-up Companies Offering Indoor Location Services
  Start-Up Companies Overview
  A note regarding initiatives not included
Research Projects not yet Commercialized
  FootPath (Germany)
  BatPhone (USA)