Facebook's Next New Mobile Directions
June 19, 2012

Significant concern has been expressed recently regarding Facebook’s apparent weakness in monetizing mobile usage. This concern is largely based on mobile users seeing and clicking on a fraction of the advertisements as computer-based users.

This report shows, however, that Facebook has invested heavily in new opportunities for monetizing mobile use. Some of these research areas are extensions of Facebook’s current business, such as location-based ads and promotions. Others will deepen Facebook’s use in the every-day lives of mobile users, including finding and communicating with friends. Others would reflect Facebook’s entry into totally new business areas, such as sales of songs, videos and other media. Others are even bigger departures from classical social networking, opening up new jobs for mobile users.

Taken more broadly, the predicted new mobile directions for Facebook outlined below will expand the scope of the social network services that the company offers mobile users. While these new areas are outside the scope of today’s social networking, they primarily still relate strongly to each user’s social network interactions and the information generated by a user’s network of friends.

Published: June 19, 2012
Price: $500
Pages: 59


Executive Summary
Grizzly Predictions
Predicted Facebook Acquisitions
Broader Implications
Table of Contents
Location-Based Advertising and Promotions
  Increasingly Localized Mobile Advertising
  Acquisition Related to “Hyper-Local” Advertising
  Inferring Details about a User from their Contacts
  Varying the Advertising Objective by Location
  Showing Ads along with Comments from Friends
  Predicted Facebook Activity in Indoor Location
  Towards Increasingly Effective Local Ads
Social Local Search
  Using Social Network Data to Rank Locations
  Social-Graph Location Ranking for Check-Ins
  Expanding to Local Search
  Value of Social-Network Location Ranking
  Predictions for Facebook Use of Location Ranking
  Predicted M&A to Support Facebook Local Search
Location Sharing and Friend-Finding
  Friend Finding: Broad Appeal but Limited Adoption
  Facebook’s Nearby Users Feature
  More Powerful Friend-Finding
  Ongoing Research in Facebook Friend-Finding
  Facebook Acquisitions Related to Friend-Finding
  Potential Advantages of Facebook Friend-Finding
  Predictions for Facebook Friend-Finding
  Value to Facebook of Offering Friend-Finding
Moving Facebook Apps to Mobile
  Facebook Apps and Mobile Apps
  Facebook Acquisitions Related to Moving Apps to Mobile
  Facebook Research in Virtual Currency
  Predictions for Facebook Apps Moving to Mobile
Unified Mobile Messaging
  Unified Messaging
  Selecting Communications Channel
  Privacy-Preserving Communication
  Unified Multi-Channel Mailbox
  Multiple Transparent Message Delivery Methods
  Organizing Messages by Social Network Relationship
  Facebook Acquisitions Related to Messaging
  The Value to Facebook of Unified Messaging
Media Sharing and Purchasing
  From Media Comments to Media Sharing & Purchases
  Sharing & Purchasing a Media File for a User’s Device
  Media Recommendation
  Monetizing Mobile Media
  Sales and Referrals
  Predictions for Facebook Monetizing Mobile Media
  Micro-Jobs on Facebook
  Examples of Micro-Jobs
  Amazon’s “Mechanical Turk”
  Facebook’s Advantage and Value in Micro-Jobs