Internet of Things:
How the Vision is being Researched, Developed & Productized

The vision of the “Internet of Things,” in which Internet connectivity is extended to huge numbers of “things” in the real world, promises to transform our ability to process information about the real world and interact with real-world objects electronically. This dream has captured the world’s attention, with new developments and media articles daily.

But what is really being researched and developed? Is the implementation truly achieving the vision? What major companies are working on it? Who is bringing it to market? What exactly is being researched?

The answers will surprise even those familiar with the field. Learn about IBM's research in cognitive radio specifically for Internet of Things, Apple's innovative communication method for inter-device communications, ZTE's comprehensive Internet of Things research program, Cisco's research on sensor data aggregation and search, and much more.

Grizzly Analytics analysis finds the following key attributes of research in progress:

1. What is being connected: sensors, every-day objects, or appliances?
2. Are the “things” interactive, or do they deliver ambient intelligence via the network?
3. Do the “things” connect directly or via a gateway?
4. How is data from sensors & devices secured and kept private?
5. What analysis can be done on collected data?
6. What applications of the Internet of Things will actually be valuable to users?

Only Grizzly Analytics reports give you the hard facts about R&D in progress.

Published: July 22, 2013
Price: $900
Pages: 148


Executive Summary
Summary of Major Company Research
Summary of Start-up Companies
Grizzly Predictions
Technology Opportunities
Broader Implications
Table of Contents
Overview of Internet of Things
  The Vision of Internet of Things
  View #1: Connected Everyday Objects
  View #2: Connected Sensors
  View #3: Connected Appliances
  Interactive versus Ambient Connectedness
  Wearable Devices
Open Issues and Challenges of Internet of Things
  Personal versus Wide Area Network Connectivity
  Network Addressability
  Device and Service Discoverability
Applications of Internet of Things
  Personal Property
  Home Control
  Security and Surveillance
  Public Safety
  Health and Wellness
  Utility Management
  Office Supplies and Management
  Media Playing
  Industrial Applications
Consortia and Open Source Projects
  Open Source and Advocacy
  IPSO Alliance
  EU Project on IoT Architectures
  Webinos Personal Zone Hubs
Research and Development by Google
  Google R&D related to Internet of Things
  Android@Home (Android Open Accessory API)
  Google Project with Data Sensing Lab
  Google Researching Networks Connecting Devices to Sensors
  Google Research in Sensor Networks for Object Tracking
  Google Glass
  Google Glass Future Directions
Research and Development by Microsoft
  Microsoft Research and Development in IoT
  XBOX as IoT Interface
  Microsoft’s Acquisition Related to IoT
  RFID-Based Object Tracking
  Enterprise Intelligence from Sensor Networks
  Gathering Data Hierarchically and Compressing it
Research and Development by Apple
  Apple R&D in Internet of Things
  Personal Items Network
  Sensors for Wireless Accessory Tracking
  Proximity Sensing using Multiple Methods
  Smart Garments
  Monitoring Shoe Use
  Sensing Legitimate Bicycle Use
  iWatch Rumors
Research and Development by Nokia
  Nokia Research & Collaboration in IoT
  Nokia Prototype of Internet of Things: Nokia Local Sensors
  Research Underlying Nokia’s Cellphone/Tag Approach
  More on DIEM Collaboration and Nokia’s Contributions
Research and Development by ZTE
  Broad and Comprehensive IoT Research and Alliances
  Components for IoT Integration
  ZTE’s Applications of IoT
  ZTE’s Business Alliances Related to IoT
  Research in IoT Service Frameworks
  Research in Multi-Level IoT Service Platforms
  Research in Executing Programs on IoT Devices
  Research in IoT Inter-Device Communication
  Research in IoT Security
Research and Development by Qualcomm
  Qualcomm’s Vision of Internet of Everything
  AllJoyn Alliance
  IoT and Qualcomm Chipsets
  Qualcomm’s Internet of Everything Demonstrations
Research and Development by Intel
  Intel Collaboration with National Taiwan University
  Adding Embedded Intelligence to IoT Devices
  Intel IoT Application Areas
  Broad Intel Focus on the Internet of Things
  Research in SMS-based IoT
  Intel Research in IoT Networking
Research and Development by Cisco
  Cisco’s Focus on IoT
  Cisco’s IoT Definition and Vision
  Predictions of Connected “Everything”
  Cisco’s Vision of IoT’s Impact
  Networks of Networks and Networks of Things
  Comprehensive Cisco Research in Sensor Networks
  Hierarchical Sensor Networks
  Connecting Simple “Things” to the Network
  Mesh Networks for Routing Sensor Data
  Aggregating Sensor Network Data
  Indexing Sensor Network Data
  Searching Sensor Network Data
Research and Development by IBM
  IBM Vision of Internet of Things
  IBM’s MQTT Protocol for IoT Communications
  IBM Research in Clustering Large Numbers of Devices
  IBM Platform for Wireless Sensor Network Development
  IBM Research in Cognitive Radio for IoT
Research and Development by other Major Companies
  IBM Vision and R&D in Internet of Things
  IBM Research in Clustering Large Numbers of Devices
  IBM Platform for Wireless Sensor Network Development
  General Electric R&D in IoT
  General Electric IoT Products
  Bosch Vision for IoT
  Bosch IoT Products
  Texas Instruments Wireless Connectivity Components
  Freescale Xtrinsic Sensing Framework
  Ericsson Research in IoT Lawful Interception
Start-up Companies Bringing IoT to Market
  (27 start-ups)