Sub-Meter Indoor Location

Positioning Technology

Out of almost 200 companies developing and delivering technology for indoor location positioning, the 25 companies profiled in this report deliver indoor positioning to an accuracy of less than one meter. While this is not important for some applications, for many applications it is critical.

For solutions determining which store in a shopping mall a user is in, or which booth in a conference a user is near, or which exhibition at a museum a user is viewing, positioning within several meters may be sufficient. But for solutions tracking whether a customer is standing in front of the pretzels or the chips in a supermarket, or which patient in a hospital ward a nurse is checking, or other similar applications, accuracy within less than a meter is necessary.

This report analyzes and reports on indoor location positioning that determines location to within less than one meter. The technologies reported use a wide variety of approaches, and include both software-based and hardware-based solutions.

In the eight months since the previous version of this report was published, we have seen a growth in the number of systems achieving sub-meter accuracy on smartphones. There has been particular growth in camera-based systems, which use computer vision technology to determine location or track motion. There has also been growth in sub-meter systems from major technology vendors. Hardware-based solutions have spread into new markets areas, such as Internet of Things devices.

While sub-meter accuracy differentiates these technologies from many others, the solutions reported here are themselves differentiated from each other in other ways. Some are implemented in software and some in hardware. Some require installed infrastructure and some do not. Some run on smartphones and some in dedicated devices. Some use lower power or less resources than others. Some position in 3D and some in 2D. Truly understanding these technologies is necessary to understand which can work in any given application.

The twenty five companies whose technologies are analyzed below are on the cusp of high accuracy indoor location technologies. These companies present the opportunity right now to deliver highly accurate location positioning indoors.

Published: May 20, 2015
Price: $300

Table of contents
Executive Summary
Summary Tables of Companies and Technologies
Indoor Location Positioning: Current State and Trends
Indoor Location Positioning Methods and Their Tradeoffs
Sub-Meter Indoor Location Positioning from Major Tech Vendors
  (Analysis of sub-meter technology from two major companies)
Sub-Meter Indoor Location Positioning on Today's Smartphones
  (18 pages detailing technology from 10 companies)
Sub-Meter Location Positioning Using Dedicated Hardware
  (14 pages detailing tech from 13 companies)
Future Trends in Indoor Location