GeoIoT World Indoor Location Testbed Report

This report presents the results and analysis of the Indoor Location Testbed at the GeoIoT World Conference, in May, 2016. The Indoor Location Testbed was the first industrial evaluation of indoor location solutions that measured a wide range of real-world metrics and produced a multi-dimensional analysis that reflects the complexity of the area.

Ten solutions were evaluated from eight companies: BlooLoc (phone and tag solutions), GipsTech, Here (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi solutions),, Lambda4, Movin, NexToMe and Senion. The solutions cross the spectrum of indoor location solutions. Most run on smartphones, but some use dedicated hardware. Many use beacons, but some are infrastructure-free or use signals of opportunity.

Two solutions were the top performers among the phone-based solutions, combining the strongest accuracy with stabilization, consistency and setup time. One solution was strongest in the infrastructure-free segment, with performance competitive with beacon based solutions. One solution was the strongest in the hardware based segment. All the testbed participants performed very well compared to industry norms.

The testbed analysis confirms the great advances that the industry has made in recent years. Infrastructure-free solutions and Wi-Fi based solutions achieved high accuracy as well as many of the beacon-based solutions. SLAM and SLAM-like technology succeeded in reducing the setup time required for some solutions. Solutions using dedicated hardware achieved even better results than the smartphone based solutions. Solutions using motion sensing succeeded in avoiding the accumulation of error over time. Several solutions achieved accuracy levels better than 2 meters when measuring after stabilization.

This analysis demonstrates that indoor location solutions are finally meeting market needs. Accuracy is improving and getting more consistent, setup time is going down, infrastructure requirements can be eliminated if desired, and SLAM technologies are enabling systems to be self-learning and adaptive. The upcoming year promises to be a very exciting one for indoor location technologies.

Publication: June 23, 2016
Length: 51 pages
Price: $1500 (1330 Euros)
Chief Analyst: Dr. Bruce Krulwich
Contributing Analyst: Daniel Krulwich

Table of contents
Executive Summary
Summary Tables
  Summary: Companies, Solutions and Technologies
  Summary: Testbed Performance Rankings
  Summary: Testbed Performance
  Summary: Set-up and Infrastructure
Testbed Overview and Methodology
  Measurements and Methodology
  Testbed Realism
Metrics of Evaluation
Analysis of Testbed Performance
  Solution Segmentation
  Accuracy and Stabilization
  Setup and Configuration Time
  Numbers of Beacons Deployed
  Analysis Conclusions
Overview of Indoor Location Positioning Technologies
Companies, Solutions and Testbed Performance (ordered alphabetically)
  BlooLoc: Smartphone Solution
  BlooLoc: Tag Solution
  HERE: Bluetooth Solution
  HERE: WiFi Solution
Summary and Conclusions